Dr. Rafael Lantigua Honored with Presidential Medal for his Contributions to Dominican Community

March 12, 2024
Senator Luis Sepúlveda (left) and Dr. Rafael Lantigua (right) holding the Presidential Volunteer Award certificate that was presented to Dr. Lantigua

Senator Luis Sepúlveda (left) and Dr. Rafael Lantigua (right)

On February 26, 2024, members of the New York State Senate held a ceremony honoring Dr. Rafael Lantigua for his triumphant work both to the medical field and the Dominican community. During the ceremony, which coincided with Dominican Independence Month, Dr. Lantigua was presented with the Presidential Volunteer Award Medal by Senator Luis Sepúlveda. This ceremony marks the first time the award, issued by President Joe Biden, has been given to a Dominican recipient.

According to a press release issued by Senator Luis Sepúlveda, “The ceremony was further illuminated by the enactment of resolutions in both the Senate and Assembly, which celebrated Dr. Lantigua's significant impact. Senate Resolution No. 1642, introduced by Senator Sepúlveda, together with Assembly Resolution No. K874… jointly commended Dr. Lantigua's influential role in healthcare, education, and public service.”

Dr. Lantigua's exemplary career and philanthropic efforts embody the essence of commitment and service we aim to honor, particularly during Dominican Independence Month. His broad influence and accomplishments transcend healthcare, motivating future generations. It was a profound privilege to award him the Presidential Volunteer Award Medal, affirming his enduring influence on both our community and wider society

-  Senator Sepúlveda