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A primary goal of the Irving Institute is to train and educate a diverse workforce to facilitate agents of change as they translate basic science findings into the improved health care for people over their lifespan. As one of over 50 CTSA hubs working nationally for the same purpose, we utilize our YouTube channel to share research, lectures, and innovations.


The highlighted video below is part of the Precision Medicine Resource Lecture Series:

"Stem Cells: Potential for Regenerative Medicine" Speaker: Lori Sussel, PhD



Precision Medicine Lecture Series 

Provided by the Precision Medicine Resource (PMR)

PMR seeks to facilitate improved diagnosis and treatment of disease, and ultimately improved maintenance of health through more accurate prediction of disease risk. Precision Medicine offers the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of health care at reduced cost with improved outcomes, decreased adverse effects, and greater patient satisfaction.


Biostatistics for Clinical Researchers

Provided by the Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD)

"Biostatistics in Action: Tips for Clinical Researchers" lecture series is geared towards clinical researchers who are interested in gaining insight into fundamental design and statistical concepts with a focus on practical knowledge. BERD provides a wide range of research design, statistical, analytical, and database management support services.


Implementation Science Lecture Series 

Provided by the Implementation Science Initiative

This video library provides education and training for researchers and practitioners interested in advancing understanding of how to enhance the uptake, reach, implementation, and impact of scientific discoveries. Dissemination and implementation (D&I) research promotes the adoption and integration of proven treatments, programs, and policies into routine use in diverse real-world settings and populations and translates new public health and healthcare knowledge and research for practitioners, healthcare providers, patients, and the general public. A total of 23 brief videos are available that provide an introduction to key foundations in D&I science.


Columbia Community Partnership for Health Lectures

Provided by the Columbia Community Partnership for Health (CCPH)

CCPH offers a bilingual health talk series for the public. This Irving Institute resource offers a unique and inviting, multipurpose space for conducting health research, health promotion activities, and research education and dissemination. CCPH also connects residents of upper Manhattan to health and social services, operates a bilingual health library, and facilitates access to health research.


Get Healthy Heights Instructional Videos

Provided by the Community Engagement Core Resource (CECR)

Get Healthy Heights is a website that helps engage the communities of  Washington Heights and Inwood to connect, discover, and share resources to get healthy. This Irving Institute initiative wants to change the way health research is done to make new treatments and prevention programs work better. CECR fosters community partnerships and participation in health research through educational, funding, and outreach opportunities, offering services and resources that contribute to the health of our local communities.



Provided in partnership with the Irving Institute

The Irving Institute’s mission is to accelerate discoveries, knowledge, and innovation to improve human health across the lifespan for diverse populations in upper Manhattan and around the world. To achieve our mission we collaborate and partner with a diverse range of groups and institutions to help empower our community; these videos show the wide range of outreach that we are involved in.