Off-Campus Activity Space in Washington Heights

This service is provided by the Community Engagement Core Resource (CECR).


The Columbia Community Partnership for Health (CCPH), is a unique and inviting, multipurpose space for conducting health research, health promotion activities, and research education and dissemination. 

In addition, CCPH connects residents to health and social services and facilitates access to health research. Our bilingual health library carries a selection of health information, reference books, and interactive materials.


Rooms can be reserved individually or together for a large activity. The maximum capacity of CCPH is 50 people at one time. CCPH entrance, rooms, and restroom are wheelchair accessible. Reference our CCPH Facility Use Policies for more information.

  • Physical examination room: This room is arranged as a clinical exam room with an exam table, small sink, phlebotomy chair and scale. This room can also be used for one-on-one interviews, and small group meetings/trainings, with seating for four people. It is equipped with a laptop and telephone. A blood pressure machine is available upon request. 
  • Interview/consultation room: This room is best suited for interviews, consultations, or small meetings, with round-table seating for three. It is equipped with a laptop, telephone and phlebotomy chair. A blood pressure machine is available upon request.
  • Conference room: This flexible room can seat between 16 people in conference or classroom seating or 30 in row seating. It can be utilized to hold focus groups, presentations, lectures, meetings, workshops, trainings, and similar events. The room features a partition, a two-way mirror, and a podium. It is equipped with an overhead projector/screen, laptop input, wall speakers, and telephone with speaker, two-way mirror and a podium.
  • Reception and waiting room: A welcoming entry space that serves as a reception area, waiting room, reading lounge. Can also accommodate small health education lectures and activities. The space seats eight people in conference or classroom seating and 12 people in row seating. This area is equipped with a television screen with DVD and VGA and HDMI inputs.

Audio/Visual Equipment

CCPH offers a variety of audio/visual equipment for use during in-house activities. Other portable equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. CCPH staff is available for setup and initial guidance in using its A/V equipment. Users are responsible for proper handling of equipment. CCPH staff does not provide support on any outside devices.

  • Audio recorders and microphones: USB digital voice recorders with low profile plug-in microphones are available to record focus groups, one-one-one interviews, presentations or other activities where the audio quality needs to be preserved. Users are responsible for bringing a USB storage device to transfer audio file(s).
  • Internet and Wi-Fi: CCPH laptops connect to CUIMC’s Mercury Secure Wireless. If internet access is required as part of your activity, CCPH staff will arrange internet access using CCPH-provided laptops. If you prefer to use your own laptop to access the internet, it should be registered with the CUIMC network. In addition, CUIMC’s public Wi-Fi (guest-net) is available at CCPH. However, secured websites are inaccessible using guest-net. CCPH staff does not provide support on any outside wireless device.
  • Laptop computers: CCPH laptops are equipped with the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Office 2016. Please call us if you have questions about specific programs installed. Note: CCPH laptops erase all data saved to the hard drive when restarted. To save data on any CCPH computer, a USB drive is required. CCPH does not provide USB storage devices. Please save your work frequently to your own storage media.
  • Projectors: In addition to a fixed overhead projector in the conference room, a portable tabletop projector is available for use in any room.
  • Two-way mirror: A two-way mirror is available in the conference room for observational research.
  • Video conferencing equipment: The Jabra Speak 710 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which features immersive sound for calls with an Omni-directional microphone and HD voice.

Consumer Health Library

CCPH offers a bilingual health library and health promotion activities, all free of charge.

The health library carries a wide selection of bilingual health information, reference books, and interactive materials. Bilingual staff is available to assist visitors with health information needs, including information on research participation, health programs, services, and other resources available at CUIMC and in our community.


Research, meeting, and event spaces are available free of charge to Columbia University researchers and qualified non-profit groups to carry out health related activities. Space may be reserved by organizations that fall within the following categories:

  • Columbia University faculty and staff
  • Nonprofit organizations that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are classified as "not a private foundation" under Section 509(a)
  • Government and public agencies

CCPH is not available for commercial, political, private, or family events.


CCPH is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. To reserve CCPH space, complete the request form.


Activity space at CCPH is available to Columbia University researchers and qualifying community stakeholders free of charge.

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