Irving Institute Announces 2018 Precision Medicine Pilot Awardees

April 1, 2018

The Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, home to Columbia University’s Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program hub, announces the winners of 2018 Precision Medicine pilot awards.

The Precision Medicine Pilot Awards fund multidisciplinary research proposals focused on approaches to tailor medical care (prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment) to the individual patient. The pilot awardees are:

Future Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Health Among Women with Severe Preeclampsia During Pregnancy and Delivery

  • Kristen Cleary, MD, Obstetrics/Gyn MFM (Principal Investigator)
  • Eliza Miller, MD, Medicine/Neurology
  • Natalie Bello, MD, MPH, Medicine/Cardiology
  • Ruth Landau, MD, Anesthesiology

Personalized Investigation of Disease Mechanisms and Prediction of Medication Responsiveness in Women with Pregnancy and Lactosis-Associated Osteoporosis

  • Adi Cohen, MD, MHS, Medicine/Endocrinology (Principal Investigator)
  • Stavroula Kousteni, PhD, Physiology and Cellular Biophysics
  • Elizabeth Shane, MD, Medicine/Endocrinology
  • Thomas Nickolas, MD, MS, Medicine/Nephrology

Understanding the Role of the Human Microbiome in Graves' Disease with and without Orbitopathy

  • Lora Glass, MD, Ophthalmology (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Bryan Winn, MD, Ophthalmology (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Anne-Catrin Uhlemann, MD, PhD, Medicine/Infectious Diseases
  • Stephen Tsang, MD, PhD, Ophthalmology
  • Salila Kurra, MD, Medicine/Endocrinology
  • Robert McConnell, MD, Medicine/Endocrinology

Towards a Molecular-Based Precision Medicine

  • Rosemary Sampogna, MD, Medicine/Nephrology
  • Barry Honig, PhD, Systems Biology
  • Lawrence Shapiro, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Implementing a Health Screening App to Match People with Lower Limb Loss at High Risk for Low Function to Personalized Physiotherapy and Injury Prevention Education

  • Kevin Wong, PhD, Rehab & Regenerative Med PT (Principal Investigator)
  • Gregory Youdan, MA, Teacher's College
  • Stanford Chihuri, MS, Anesthesiology 


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