The Lancet Features Our Narratives of Discovery Series

December 4, 2021

The Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research is proud to announce the publication of our narrative medicine partnership with Dr. Rita Charon.

The collaborative series, Narratives of Discovery, currently holds four indepth interviews with leading life scientists. The first three articles, and the overall project, are featured in The Lancet:

Knowing, Seeing, and Telling in Medicine

"Today, we are witnessing a new permeability between the arts and the sciences. Scientists are urged to promote transformative creativity in their trainees. Nobelists credit surprise and the imagination for their insights. The health professions have incorporated the humanities, social sciences, and arts into their curricula to teach relational, cultural, and creative dimensions of health care. Whether artists or scientists, investigators strike out from what is known to brave the unknown in acts of creative discovery. The salient divides may come to be understood not as the ones that separate artists from scientists but rather as the ones that separate creative thinkers from formulaic thinkers and those who can tolerate doubt from those who cannot."

"Think of artists and scientists as users of three modes of discovery: knowing, seeing, and telling."

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