Community-Based Participatory Research Scholars and Awards Program

This program is provided by the Community Engagement Core Resource (CECR).


The Community Based Participatory Research Scholars and Awards Program (CBPR Program) is an innovative training and pilot funding opportunity for Columbia University faculty and administrators of not-for-profit organizations serving Upper Manhattan and The Bronx. The CBPR Program is designed to stimulate community-engaged research by providing participants structured training and practical experience in CBPR methodology to develop academic-community research partnerships. Up to four academic-community dyads are selected for the course. Academic-community co-instructors teach the CBPR course to model the partnership process. Upon completion of the training course, dyads are eligible to apply for a one-year CBPR pilot award of $30,000.

Academic-community partnered pairs will receive:

  • Training course in CBPR methodology (ten mandatory sessions totaling 2025 hours)
  • Opportunity to apply for pilot funding of $30,000
  • Expert pre-reviews of drafts of their CBPR pilot project proposals
  • Access to other Irving Institute resources

Course Dates, Time, and Location

The course meets for ten sessions. In addition to the seminars, participants undertake independent reading and writing exercises outside of class.

For a full description of the CBPR Program including information on the course structure, learning modules, partnership requirement, and pilot funding opportunity, see our overview.

Applications must be submitted online.


Applications open Fall 2023.


The CBPR Scholars & Awards Program is open to all Columbia research faculty with a title of Assistant Professor or above.

Health, Social Service and/or Faith-Based Organization (Community) applicants must hold the title of Executive Director or other high level administrator at a non-profit organization serving upper Manhattan (e.g., Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood) and/or The Bronx.

Applicants are required to apply in academic-community partnerships. The Irving Institute assists with the identification of potential academic/community partners. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their areas of interest far in advance of the application deadline.


The CBPR Program is offered at no cost to all admitted participants.

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