Integrated Model for Patient Care and Clinical Trials (IMPACT) Research Scheduling System

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The Integrated Model for Patient Care and Clinical Trials (IMPACT) software system is designed to automate the manual steps required to schedule research visits for clinical trial participants and thus increase efficiency and reduce errors. IMPACT maintains a real-time database of resources and their availability, such as exam rooms, equipment, and people (investigators, coordinators, phlebotomists, and schedulers). IMPACT facilitates communication among study and scheduling staff by sending them notifications of new, rescheduled, and canceled visits and, daily, weekly, and monthly quantitative activity reports.

IMPACT is also able to audit historical appointments, track patient attributes, and make notes of irregular events during visits. This technology will be further developed into a suite of applications that will facilitate other aspects of the research process for schedulers, coordinators, administrators, and investigators. Future functionality could include appointment reminders, adverse event reporting, external calendar synchronization, niche market customization, etc. IMPACT also interfaces directly with WebCAMP, a clinical research database, to easily acquire participant, study, and research staff information.

Lead Inventor: Chunhua Weng, PhD, FCMI

This work has been published in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 


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