IRB Liaison Service

This service is provided by the Regulatory Knowledge and Support and Ethics Resource (RKSER).


Jointly supported by the Human Research Protection Office and the Irving Institute, the IRB liaison serves as a link between the IRB and investigators who have submitted a protocol for review by one of the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) IRBs. The primary objective for this service is to improve the quality and efficiency of human subject research protocol submissions and responses to IRB requests. The IRB liaison provides consultation in preparing protocols to be compliant with IRB requirements. In addition, the IRB liaison provides support to investigators responding to IRB reviews of research protocols, explanation of IRB requests, and assistance in providing appropriate responses and/or implementing requested changes. Consultations from the IRB liaison are in addition to existing consultation services provided by IRB staff.

Examples of the kind of requests that the liaison service might assist with include:

  • What criteria will the IRB use for reviewing my protocol?
  • What are the requirements of the CUIMC data security policy, and how can I implement them appropriately for my research?
  • What are requirements for clinical research stemming from CUIMC/IRB policies? Such policies include the CUIMC policy for incidental findings, genetic research, research with minors and other vulnerable populations?
  • What are acceptable and appropriate recruitment methods?
  • Where can I find recommended language that is appropriate for my consent document(s)?


This service is available to CUIMC and CU researchers seeking assistance with understanding and addressing IRB requirements and requests. Students and residents may request services only if accompanied by their faculty research mentor or advisor.

How to Access

All IRB liaison consultations will take place remotely. Please contact us here to request an appointment.
Please note, we are no longer offering open office hours for this service.


There is no cost for this service.

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