RecruitMe is a recruitment website launched by Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC)'s Clinical Trials Office to connect prospective research participants to the investigators who conduct research studies.

Prospective participants first search for a medical condition or research field. If a study of interest is identified, the user may choose to answer a few pre-eligibility questions. If their answers indicate they may be a match, the user may either enter their contact information into RecruitMe and send it to the research team, or contact the research team directly. RecruitMe users may also choose to join the research registry. RecruitMe notifies registry users when a study or clinical trial that matches their research interests is entered into the database.

Researchers who join RecruitMe may enter their study information into RecruitMe once IRB approval is obtained to use RecruitMe as a recruitment option. RecruitMe administrative staff will review all content that is added to the site to ensure all information is current and IRB approved before study postings are published to the site. When a prospective participant expresses interest in the study and answers the pre-eligibility questions, an automated alert is sent to the researcher. Additionally, the researcher can manage inquiries with RecruitMe’s enrollment metrics dashboard.

Starting in March 2020, we are also providing support for COVID-19 research. 


All studies conducted by Columbia University faculty are eligible to be published in RecruitMe after being granted IRB approval.


There is no cost to the investigator, department, or user for this service

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