Systems Biology Consultation

This service is provided by the Biomedical Informatics Resource.


The Irving Institute offers consultations with faculty at the Department of Systems Biology to support studies involving analysis of high throughput data (transcriptomic, genomic, proteomic, etc.). Services include: experiment design and power calculations; selection of experimental protocol and technology platform; development of analysis plans and associated computational workflows; access to high performance computing, storage infrastructure, and integrated database resources; assisting in the submission of grant applications and manuscripts for publication. In addition to well-established bioinformatics protocols, this consultation leverages novel systems biology methodologies to characterize regulatory processes that mediate disease progression and therapeutic response. These powerful methodologies have been developed by faculty in the Department of Systems Biology and have been used with remarkable success to elucidate regulatory and signaling programs that play key roles in coordinating cell-state transitions across many different phenotypes.

Starting in March 2020, we are also providing consultations for COVID-19 research. 


The service is open to all researchers at Columbia University who need to analyze high throughput genomic data or/and to design experiments seeking to generate such data.


  • The first three consultation hours are provided free of charge.
  • For consultations longer than three hours, the charge is $120 per hour. 

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