Team Science Consultation Service (TACS)

This service is provided by Team Expertise and Management Support (TEAMS)


The Team Expertise and Management Support (TEAMS) resource aims to enhance team formation, collaboration, productivity, and sustainability. We develop and disseminate team science resources and processes to nurture a collaborative clinical and translational research ecosystem. The TEAMS Consultation Service or TACS is available for confidential consultations with members of the TEAMS resource to discuss a broad range of team-related questions that include:

  • How should authorship be determined for multi-disciplinary collaborations?
  • When should discussions of intellectual property and ownership occur, and what are the key issues that should be addressed?
  • How do I ensure my multi-institutional team is communicating effectively?
  • How do I strive for diversity and inclusion when forming a team?

Consultations have addressed issues related to identifying potential collaborators with specific expertise, onboarding, and integration of team members, navigating questions of intellectual property and data ownership, allocation of credit and approaches to authorship, team leadership and communication, and engagement with non-academic partners, including communities, commercial entities and non-profit organizations.


Consultations are open to the Columbia University community.


There is no cost to utilize this service.

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