Therapeutic Discovery and Development Consultation

This service is provided by the Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRx) Resource.


Consultation services are available for the discovery, translation, and clinical development of therapeutics within Columbia University. Projects can be in a very early stage — such as a recent discovery of a potential drug target — or at a later stage, such as Phase 1.

The Discovery and Development Consultation consists of a comprehensive and critical analysis of the status of inventions and projects, followed by advice on how to bring your project to market. After submitting a request, TRx consultants will meet with you to start the process, which results in a consultancy report that will be presented to you and your team. 

Advice provided by the consultation team will vary according to the individual needs of the project investigators and may include: guidance on experimental design and resources for collection of data for an investigational new drug application to the FDA; resources available within Columbia for advancement of translational research; market research and competitive analysis on clinical indications, etc.

For both consultancy and management, investigators will benefit from our wide network of laboratories, contract research organizations, regulatory bodies, venture capitalists, and pharmaceutical companies. All discussions and data presented to TRx will be kept confidential and a non-disclosure agreement will be activated if needed. Consultations by TRx are fully supported by the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research and Columbia Technology Ventures and are free to anyone from Columbia University. 

Starting in March 2020, we are also providing consultations for COVID-19 research. 


This service is available to all Columbia University faculty.

When to Request This Service

The consultation service will be of most benefit at the stage of development beyond identification of a lead compound/prototype.


There is no cost for this service. If additional, project specific consultation is needed beyond general advice and direction, the service may require a fee.

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