Translational Therapeutics Accelerator Hosts First Symposium

November 7, 2018

On November 7, 2018, the Translational Therapeutics (TRx) Accelerator, a resource within the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, hosted the first Translational Therapeutics Symposium at Columbia University as a platform for shared experiences in the successful advancement of early stage science to clinical application. The meeting attendees included representatives from the local investment and business communities, academics, clinicians, and young scientists with an interest in translational research.

The first session of the event, “Therapeutic Development in Cancer”, included speakers involved in the key areas of development for cancer research. Dr. Mark Kester from the University of Virginia described his work in nanotechnology and Dr. Wafik El-Deiry from Fox Chase Cancer Center shared his experience in developing new therapies based on his work in mammalian cell stress responses.

During the “Advancements in Drug Discovery and Development” and “The Road from Bench to Bedside” sessions, speakers discussed novel strategies for drug development and resources used by Columbia University investigators to move innovations through early research, development, and into a start-up company. Notably, Dr. Chas Bountra from the University of Oxford described an open innovation model focused on sharing discoveries between pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

The closing session of the day, “Therapeutic Development in Orphan Diseases,” included perspectives from the CEO of a Columbia University start-up and clinician scientists from Columbia University Irving Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania on developing therapies for rare and orphan diseases. The panel discussion highlighted the importance of a collaborative model between an academic institution's technology transfer office, research teams, and entrepreneurs in commercializing new therapies.

The day-long symposium also incorporated a networking lunch and poster session, which provided an opportunity for awardees from the TRx Pilot Award to interact with meeting attendees and present their translational research projects.

Partners in the Symposium included Columbia Technology Ventures, Columbia Clinical Trials Office, Columbia Business School, Columbia Lab-to-Market Accelerator and the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center.


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