Dr. Edward B. Leahey and Michael I. Leahey Lecture Series

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The annual Leahey Lecture, sponsored by the Leahey Foundation, the Department of Medicine, and the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, memorializes two outstanding individuals: Edward B. Leahey, Jr., MD, for his pioneering cardiac research, and his brother Michael I. Leahey, for his vital contributions to the funding and administration of clinical trials. The Leahey Lecture was established to address scientific and administrative issues in the conduct of clinical research, including relationships among academic medical centers, governments, industry, and community.

The Leahey Lecture takes place once a year: list of past lectures.

The Leahey Foundation

Michael I Leahey

Dr. Michael I. Leahey


Dr. Edward B Leahey, Jr.










The Leahey Foundation honors the accomplishments of the Leahey brothers: Edward’s pioneering cardiac research and Michael’s vital contributions to the funding and administration of clinical trials.

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The Leahey Lectures are open to the Columbia University community.


There is no cost to attend the Leahey Lecture.

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