Administrative Core and Evaluation

The Irving Institute's Administrative Core is deeply committed to increasing the efficiency of administrative processes in our Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program hub and across the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) campus. Our Administrative Core is responsible for the overall operations of the Irving Institute while maintaining compliance with internal and external reporting requirements.

The lobby of the Irving Institute.

Our Evaluation and Continuous Improvement (ECI) team engages with a mix of stakeholders to develop the structures, mechanisms, and innovative solutions for meeting the goals of our CTSA grant. Using a participatory management approach that integrates evaluation into the planning and implementation process of each resource, we continue to develop relevant Columbia-specific metrics for examining impacts and continuous improvement of Irving Institute activities, while also participating in the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences' Common Metrics initiative.

The Irving Institute uses these metrics and input from our various stakeholder groups, especially our External Advisory Board, Internal Advisory Committee, Community Engagement Research Leadership Council, and the entire CUIMC community of healthcare professionals, educators, and patients, to inform evidence-based decision-making processes.

Services and Programs

The Administrative Core oversees distinct institute-wide initiatives and programs, and manages meeting space.  The Administrative Core provides support through:


  • Muredach P. Reilly, MBBCh, MSCE

    Director and Principal Investigator; Herbert and Florence Irving Professor of Medicine; Associate Dean, Clinical and Translational Research

    Headshot of Muredach Reilly
  • Harold Pincus, MD

    Co-Director; Director, Evaluation and Continuous Improvement; Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry

    Headshot of Harold Pincus
  • Helena Rincón, MA

    Associate Director, Finance and Administration

    Headshot of Helena Rincon.
  • Michelle McClave, MS

    Associate Director, Programs and Communication

    Headshot of Michelle Mcclave.
  • Zainab Abedin, MPH

    Assistant Director, Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

    Headshot of Zainab Abedin
  • Elisabeth Swift DiMaria, MHA

    Assistant Director for Interdisciplinary Initiatives and Operations

    Headshot of Liz Swift.


  • Lisette Ellis

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Alyssa Ha

    Finance Manager

  • Kawthar Muhammad, MPH

    Data Manager

  • Mary Purcell

    Communication and Events Manager

  • Alex Zolotnikov

    User Services Consultant

  • Delfy Velazquez

    Executive Assistant to Dr. Muredach Reilly