Network Capacity

National collaborative hub for trials, informatics, communication and education

Network Capacity structure: Trial Innovation Network (TIN); the National Center for Data to Health (CD2H); and, the CTSA Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC).


The Irving Institute’s Network Capacity is comprised of three components: the Trial Innovation Network (TIN); the National Center for Data to Health (CD2H); and, the CTSA Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC).  This enables the Irving Institute’s Network Capacity to support investigators by merging the facilitation of innovative clinical trials (TIN) with advances in informatics (CD2H) and the coordination of communication and collaborative tools (CLIC) to better serve the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) research community. Our networking teams coordinate with TIN, CD2H and CLIC, as well as other external partners and networks to enable our research community to benefit from every innovation and advancement.

Trial Innovation Network (TIN) Hub Liaison Team

Our TIN Hub Liaison Team helps CUIMC clinical trialists and investigators develop, fund, and implement clinical trials in the most efficient manner.

TIN is a national, collaborative, clinical trial network focused on operational innovation and excellence that leverages the expertise and resources of the CTSA Program. It was developed to address critical roadblocks in clinical trials and accelerate the translation of novel interventions into life-saving therapies. The goal of TIN is to be a national laboratory to study, understand, and innovate the process of conducting clinical trials. Trials are conducted across all areas of medicine.

Our liaison team plays an integral role by:

  • Encouraging faculty and investigators to generate ideas for trials. Prior trial topics have included:
    • Metformin and Alzheimer’s Prevention (MAP) trial (successful proposal for funding by NIA)
    • Technology to Manage Celiac Disease (U34 funded by NIDDK)
    • Antihypertensive Medications and Chronotherapy
    • Diflunisal for Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy
    • Vaginal Progesterone in Recurrent Preterm Delivery
  • Providing consultation before protocols are submitted to TIN and to NIH for funding
  • Helping to build a national infrastructure to conduct clinical trials better, faster, and more cost-effectively

TIN Services:

National Center for Data to Health (CD2H) Hub Liaison Team

CD2H accelerates advancements in informatics by utilizing findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) principles to promote collaboration across the CTSA network.  CD2H comprises four Community Cores:

  • Research Discovery
  • Informatics Maturity & Best Practices
  • Next Generation Data Sharing
  • Tools & Cloud Infrastructure

The primary aim of CD2H is to partner with the informatics community, to iteratively develop solutions through CD2H Labs and their DREAM Challenges. The ultimate goal of the CD2H is to help CTSA hubs thrive by accelerating advances in informatics to improve patient care.

CD2H Services:

Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC) Hub Liaison Team

CLIC is the coordinating center for the CTSA Program, which supports a network of more than 50 of the nation’s top biomedical research institutions. Our hub liaison team works closely with CLIC to coordinate new processes for sharing and adopting educational and training content, enhance communication across the CTSA Program network, and increase cross-CTSA projects and submission of collaborative grant applications. In addition, we identify the accomplishments and best practices from our hub to be shared with the larger network.

Network Capacity Leadership

  • Andrew B. Lassman, MS, MD, FAAN

    • Scientific Director
    andrew lassman

TIN Hub Liaison Team

  • Andrew B. Lassman, MS, MD, FAAN
    Medical Director
  • Soumitra Sengupta, PhD
    Director of Informatics
  • Ken Cheung, PhD
    Trial Specialist
  • Linda Busacca
    Project Manager

CD2H Hub Liaison Team

  • Chunhua Weng, PhD
    Team Leader
  • Soumitra Sengupta, PhD
    Director of Informatics
  • Karthik Natarajan, PhD

CLIC Hub Liaison Team

  • Michelle McClave, MS
    Operations Director
  • Daichi Shimbo, MD
    TRANSFORM Director
  • Rita Charon, MD, PhD
    Chair of the Department of Medical Humanities and Ethics and founder and Executive Director of Columbia Narrative Medicine
  • Mary Purcell, BA
    Communication and Events Manager

Hub Liaison Team

  • Helen Kim
    Contract Specialist
  • Jianhua Li
    Data Navigator
  • Rudina Odeh-Ramadan
    Contract Specialist