Biomarkers Core Laboratory (BCL)

The Biomarkers Core Laboratory (BCL) at the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research is an advanced analytical resource center offering research support to pre-clinical, clinical, and translational investigators at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center and other academic institutions. The 3,000 square-foot laboratory is located on the tenth floor of the Presbyterian Hospital (PH) building, adjacent to the outpatient and inpatient clinical research units of the Irving Institute.

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Our mission is to offer expertise as well as state-of-the-art technologies and instrumentation for the quantitative assessment of biomarkers, drugs, targeted metabolomics, and lipidomics to support clinical and translational research and pharmacokinetic studies. We will develop well-validated and customized mass spectrometry-based bioanalytical assays to meet the needs of the Columbia University research community.

The BCL will assist the investigators in identifying cost-effective and efficient analytical strategies and technology platforms to accomplish individual project end-goals. We are committed to sharing our resources and expertise and to provide assistance with all stages of experimental design, from sample collection to data analysis.


The Biomarkers Core Laboratory provides support through:

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  • Renu Nandakumar, PhD


    Renu Nandakumar, PhD


  • Elzbieta Dworakowski


  • Jiyoung Kim


  • Cristina Ortega

    Biospecimen Processing

  • Susan V. Pollak

    Automated CLIA/Luminex

  • Changhong Qiao


  • Yimeng (Oliver) Xu