Inpatient Clinical Research Unit

This service is provided by the Clinical Research Resource (CRR).


The Inpatient Clinical Research Unit expedites and facilitates the collection of quality research data for both adult and pediatric inpatient clinical research, while assuring participant safety. The unit features:

  • Hospital room with a patient and doctor.
    16 single-occupancy patient rooms equipped with oxygen and suction. 
  • Dedicated, highly-skilled research nursing staff qualified to initiate and maintain intravenous infusions, obtain EKGs, draw blood, implement studies that require frequent pharmacokinetic specimen acquisition, and process specimens
  • Spacious solarium for patients and guests with unobstructed views of midtown and lower Manhattan skyline
  • Centrally located nursing station with adjoining service and preparation rooms
  • Small conference room for in-service sessions and meetings for investigators
  • A private patient room for sleep studies
  • Laboratory with refrigerated and room air centrifuges, -20C freezer, and a specimen refrigerator
  • Automated pumps for intravenous drug delivery
  • Remote telemetry monitoring

Eligibility and Requirements

To use the Inpatient Clinical Research Unit, physicians, NPs, and PAs must have admitting privileges to New York-Presbyterian Hospital and be credentialed in procedures that they will be performing.

In order to request use of the Inpatient Clinical Research Unit, the following documents need to be brought to the unit after your protocol has been approved and you have called to schedule a participant:

  • A one-page request form
  • Signed participant’s consent (two copies)
  • Signed HIPAA consent
  • Recent history and physical (H&P) which is required to be in the electronic chart - Epic (No exceptions)
  • Clinician orders: Orders need to be properly entered in Epic. A direct admit order and visit orders must be signed before the visit. 

Additional requirements include:

  • A daily progress note is required as per hospital policy.
  • You are responsible for the participant and must be on site during the day, in the event of an emergency. If you delegate this responsibility to someone else, this information should be communicated to the nursing staff.
  • When referring to your protocol, please use your project title and assigned CRR number.
  • Study teams are responsible for providing all necessary tubes for blood draws. A limited supply of tubes are available on the unit for emergency backup only.

Pediatric Inpatient Research Beds

Research beds for pediatric inpatient clinical research are available in the Inpatient Clinical Research Unit. Following approval of the protocol by the CRR Clinical Advisory Committee (ClinAC), beds are available by request. Pediatric participants must be 12 years of age or older and/or weigh more than or equal to 40kg/88 lbs in order to be admitted to the inpatient unit.


The Inpatient Clinical Research Unit is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For scheduling adult and pediatric inpatient admissions, please contact the main desk at 212-305-6632.


Note: NIH K awards are granted a $5,000 annual subsidy, capped at $25K per protocol.


FY24 Industry Initiated Studies* 

FY24 Investigator Initiated Studies* Acuity level determined by Nursing Staff

Inpatient Nursing per night (no acuity scale)

$1,902.20 per night

Charged by NYPH Directly

Inpatient Nursing: Acuity Level 0**   $289.92

Inpatient Nursing: Acuity Level 1 (< 10 min/hr)


$560.00 per night

Inpatient Nursing:
Acuity Level 2 (11-30 min/hr)


$820.00 per night

Inpatient Nursing:
Acuity Level 3 (31-45 min/hr)


$1,100.00 per night

Inpatient Nursing:
Acuity Level 4 (46-60 min/hr)


$1,390.00 per night

Startup Fee (in effect from 01/01/2024)

$2,650.00 per protocol  

*All prices include salary plus fringe. No additional charges will be applied. Prices are reviewed on an annual basis and are subject to change. Studies will be charged the price in place at the time service is rendered.

**It is for use in conjunction with the calorimeter room and the nursing support is minimal, as needed in an emergency situation only.

For FY25 and beyond pricing on a future project, please go look here.

To request a Project Cost Estimate (CE) on a non-industry funded study, please contact Associate Director for Finance & Administration, Ms. Helena Rincón,, at the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

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