Lecture Series on Clinical Trials

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A “must attend” for those at Columbia interested in clinical trials, this TIN Quarterly Lecture Series features leaders from across the clinical research and trials community, addressing innovations in the conduct of clinical trials. Speakers will discuss innovations in trial design and conduct, and share their experiences in the implementation of these innovations. 

Some of our recent lectures:

  • Dr. Thevaa Chandereng, on the topic: “N of 1 Trials” 
  • Dr. Shing Lee and Dr. Magdalena Sobieszczyk, on the topic: “The Joys and Challenges of COVID Trials”
  • Dr. Chunhua Weng, on the topic: “Criteria2Query: A software interface for coordinators to identify study cohorts in clinical databases”
  • Dr. Thelma Mielenz, on the topic: "Make the MOST (Multiphase Optimization STrategy) of Interventions Before Clinical Trials”
  • Dr. Ken Cheung, on the topic: “Adaptive trial designs for rare diseases, not so rare diseases, ultra-rare disease and anything in between”
  • Dr. Soumitra Sengupta, on the topic: "The use of computerized EHR applications for research cohort identification, part 1 and 2”

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Seminars are open to the Columbia University community.


There is no cost to attend this seminar series.

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