Multi-Site Trial Recruitment Assistance

This service is provided by the Trial Innovation Network Hub Liaison Team.


The Irving Institute's Hub Liaison Team to the Trial Innovation Network helps Columbia University clinical trialists and investigators to develop, fund, and implement clinical trials in the most efficient manner. Through the Multi-site Recruitment Assistance service, our Hub Liason Team coordinates with the national network and Vanderbilt University Recruitment Innovation Center to:

  • Identify sites for recruitment of study participants into clinical trials, either in preparation for grant submission or after funding has occurred.
  • Develop and test innovative approaches to engaging minorities, women, and older adults in clinical trials.
  • Study interventions to improve trust, one of the most commonly-cited barriers to research participation.
  • Provide expertise in recruitment, informatics, and other areas to aid recruitment efforts.

Starting in March 2020, we are also providing support for COVID-19 research. 


This service is available to all researchers/clinical trialists at Columbia University. 

When to Request This Service

This service should be requested at least two months prior to any grant or protocol submission deadlines. Services may also be requested for currently funded clinical trials.


There is no cost for this service.

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