Stats on Your Own – Four Sessions to Self-Reliance

This program is provided by Training and Education (TRANSFORM).


Do you want to be self-reliant in doing statistical analyses?

Stats on Your Own is a non-credit hybrid course: four 2-3-hour lecture videos and four in-person workshop sessions (with zoom option) on Thursdays from 2-5 p.m., April 4th  – April 25th, 2024. This mini-course to Statistics Self-Reliance will help you to know how your data should be analyzed, or when you need to consult a biostatistician. Geared towards junior researchers (residents, fellows, faculty), this workshop will help you become self-reliant in doing statistical analyses, and to know:

  1. The correct statistical procedures to analyze one's data, and
  2. How to carry out the analyses.

We will teach:

  1. The basic 2x2 contingency table using our online tool;
  2. The little that Excel can do (t-tests, correlations, scatter plots);
  3. A simplified power analysis (sample size determination) using our online tool;
  4. More advanced analyses using the popular (free) software R, facilitated by our special-purpose R functions: anova (one-way, covariance, two-way, repeated measures), nonparametric analyses, linear regression, logistic regression, Kaplan-Meier, Cox.

The curriculum is comprehensive and will involve working with real data. There will be four in-person (with zoom option) workshop sessions, with plenty of time to go over questions, clarifications, difficulties, etc – we will take the time to ensure that everyone learns how to carry out each of the analyses covered.

Note: Individuals who have taken the mini-course previously may email Sekhar Ramakrishnan regarding access to the lecture recordings and any questions that arise.

Instructor: Sekhar Ramakrishnan ScD, Senior Research Scientist, Department of Pediatrics; Statistician, Clinical Research Resource


The non-credit course is open to the public.


This course costs $100 per registrant.


Thursdays from 2-5 p.m., April 4th  – April 25th, 2024.


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