Outpatient Clinical Research Units

This service is provided by the Clinical Research Resource (CRR).


The Outpatient Clinical Research Units on Presbyterian Hospital 10th Floor (PH-10) and Vanderbilt Clinical 3rd Floor (VC-3) offer a highly personalized and professional environment for clinical investigators and adult and pediatric research participants. Nearly 6,000 research visits from more than 100 protocols take place in the Outpatient Clinical Research Units each year. The Outpatient Clinical Research Units feature:

  • Eight fully-equipped physical examination rooms 
  • Dental operatory
  • Four interview/consultation rooms
  • Two phlebotomy stations
  • Specimen processing area (includes three refrigerated centrifuges)
  • Reception areas and participant waiting rooms
  • Nursing assistance, skilled phlebotomy services, some specimen processing, EKGs, and vital signs

Additionally, Irving Institute-funded research coordinators support adult and pediatric clinical research activities in the pediatric emergency department, neurological intensive care unit, neurosurgical intensive care unit, neonatal intensive care unit, pediatric intensive care unit, and obstetrics and gynecology. These experienced research coordinators are available to support protocol development, assist with IRB submissions and regulatory documentation, recruit participants and collect research data in these clinical areas.

Starting in March 2020, we are also providing support for COVID-19 research. 


This service is available to researchers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC).

  • Protocols must be IRB and CRR approved (simultaneous submission to the CRR can be completed)
  • Budget must include all applicable CRR fees
  • Available medical coverage (MD, NP, or PA) during patient visits
  • Principal investigators must ensure that trained staff, with protocol specific competencies, are available to complete protocol needs.
  • Ability to provide specific equipment to complete protocol requirements

For all relevant documents and guidelines, including those related to current COVID-19 protocols, click here


7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Additional hours and Saturdays available by arrangement.

The Integrated Model for Patient Care and Clinical Trials (IMPACT) scheduling system can be used to book space in the Outpatient Clinical Research Units. 


Note: NIH K awards are granted a $5,000 annual subsidy, capped at $25K per protocol.


FY24 Industry Initiated Studies* Charged by NYPH Directly

FY24 Prices for all studies, regardless of funding*

Outpatient Exam/Interview Room per hour (billed in 15 min. intervals)



Outpatient Blood Draw (per needle stick)



Outpatient Blood Processing (per participant)

Simple (<15 min.):               

Basic (16-30 min.):              

Advanced (31-60 min.):       

Complex (>60 min.):            







Vitals (Height, Weight, HR, BP & RR)



EKG (Interpretation not included)



Outpatient Nursing Assistance per hour* (billed in 15 min. intervals)

*Hourly rate includes salary plus fringe. Limited to specific services including: Participant Education, Physical Exams, and Pregnancy Tests. Protocol specific nursing services will only be provided if agreed upon as a necessity, during the protocol review process.


Startup Fee (in effect from 01/01/2024) $2,650,00 per protocol   

*All prices include salary plus fringe. No additional charges will be applied. Prices are reviewed on an annual basis and are subject to change. Studies will be charged the price in place at the time service is rendered.

For FY25 and beyond pricing on a future project, please look here.

To request a Project Cost Estimate (CE) on a non-industry funded study, please contact Associate Director for Finance & Administration, Ms. Helena Rincón, hr2016@cumc.columbia.edu, at the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

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Outpatient Clinical Research Units
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