Recruitment & Retention (R&R) Consultations

This Service is provided by the Recruitment and Retention (R&R) Initiative


The R&R initiative includes a library of self-service resources and consultations by request. The consultations offer multi-disciplinary expertise to help teams develop their strategies and implementation plans for recruitment and retention. We provide guided support to existing services and consultative resources for R&R within the Irving Institute and Columbia University/CUIMC.

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Additional consultation capabilities:

  1. Informatics Support for:Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria Design: Biomedical Informatics Resource
    1. Suggesting eligibility criteria for a new or existing clinical study that promote diversity, safety, and protocol feasibility.  
    2. Evaluating how well a set of eligibility criteria for a new study represents the population being studied. 
    3. Cohort Identification for Clinical Study/Trial Recruitment 
      1. Assisting clinical researchers in creating database queries for Epic-based queries to define study cohorts. 
  2. Strategies for community-based research: Community Engagement Core Resource 
  3. Guidance and structure for organizing grants, IRB submissions, etc.
    1. Framework for writing a recruitment plan and/or a retention plan
    2.  Specific IRB-related guidance through the IRB Liaison service
  4. Guidance for training study staff on R&R through:
    1. Research Ethics and Human Subjects Consultation
    2. Clinical Research Resource
    3. Clinical Trials Office 


Consultations are open to the Columbia University community. Priority is given to faculty and research scientists at CUIMC who do not have their own departmental or institutional resources for R&R support. Students are not eligible for this service.


There is no cost to utilize this service. If the consultant determines that your needs exceed those provided by this service, you may be referred to other departments.

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