Translational Therapeutics Accelerator Pilot Awardees

TheĀ Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRx) Pilot Award provides investigators with the resources to position their therapeutic discoveries for future commercial value. Awardees are expected to develop a commercially relevant product profile.

2017 TRx Pilot Awardees

Suppression of Oncogene Transcription by PNAs as Cancer Therapy

  • Jeffrey Rothman, MD, PhD, Medicine
  • Gary Schwartz, MD, Medicine

Direct Application of Antibody Impregnated Bioengineered Patch to Improve Wound Healing in Diabetes

  • Lynne Johnson, MD, Medicine
  • Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, PhD, Biomedical Engineering

Regulation of Appetite by the Skeleton

  • Mishaela Rubin, MD, Medicine: Physiology/Cell Biophysics
  • Stavroula Kousteni, PhD, Medicine

Using Anti-Sense Oligonucleotides as New Therapeutic Modality for Psychiatric and Cognitive Disorders

  • Joseph Gogos, MD, PhD, Physiology/Cell Biophysics
  • Sander Markx, MD, Psych Molecular Therapeutics