Clinical Research Resource (CRR)

The Clinical Research Resource (CRR) is the major provider of resources for the conduct of participant-oriented research at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) campus. Established in 1971, the CRR is one of the oldest, active CRRs in the country. Over 100 CUIMC research faculty utilize our inpatient, outpatient, long outpatient (LOP), Bionutrition Core, and Biomarkers Core resources each year.

The CRR provides new and established investigators with the opportunity to design studies, maximize efficiency, improve collaborations, and analyze data. Investigators may engage in studies of human physiology and disease anywhere in the hospital, the surrounding community, or in controlled research settings supported by the highly-skilled, committed, and compassionate CRR research nursing staff.

The adult and pediatric units facilitate the integration of multiple studies ranging from pharmacokinetics to functional magnetic resonance imaging, allowing investigators to fully examine everything from the performance of a new therapy or other aspects of disease treatment, to basic human functioning.


CRR provides support through:

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  • Karen S. Marder, MD, MPH

    Director, Clinical Research Resource; Sally Kerlin Professor of Neurology

    Headshot of Karen Marder
  • Michael Rosenbaum, MD

    Associate Program Director, Adult Inpatient Unit; Professor, Clinical Pediatrics and Clinical Medicine

    Michael Rosenbaum
  • Sudha Kashyap, MD

    Associate Director, Pediatric Services; Professor of Pediatrics

    Headshot of Sudha Kashyap, MD
  • Dianne C. Frederick, BS

    Senior Program Manager

  • Josh Wansley, MSN, RN

    Patient Care Director

  • Ismael Castaneda, DrPH, CCRP, CRM

    Clinical Research Nurse Manager


Faculty Collaborators

Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan, EngScD

Research Coordinators

Carlos Aguilar Breton

Jennifer Egebebike

Caitlin Ehret

Ariana Gonzalez

Sadiat Ibrahim


Janelle Nunez, Program Coordinator

Sonia Dobson, Outpatient Research Lab Coordinator