Pilot and Collaborative Studies Resource (PCSR)

The Pilot and Collaborative Studies Resource (PCSR) provides funds for clinical and translational research initiatives, including pilot awards to junior investigators and grants in support of clinical and translational research and methodology. PCSR is central to achieving the goals of the Irving Institute by providing incentives to both young clinical and translational investigators as they obtain pilot data prior to submitting funding applications, and to more senior investigators who may not otherwise engage in multi- and interdisciplinary research.

PCSR aims to establish a coordinated structure and collaborative environment at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC), within which multi- and interdisciplinary clinical and translational research may flourish by:

  • Expanding and optimizing the utilization of outstanding new and existing resources
  • Training a new generation of multidisciplinary clinical and translational investigators
  • Facilitating recruitment of exceptional clinical and translational investigators to preclinical and clinical departments
  • Creating incentives for mentoring junior faculty and for outreach from one department, school, or campus to other interested researchers


PCSR provides support through:

PCSR collaborates across the Irving Institute to offer: